My Ex-Boyfriend and Somebody Else’s Wife


Thanks to Dana and her generosity to lend us books her children had outgrown, we discovered an amazing gem of a museum in Beijing.  It aroused my lust for one I consider my ex-boyfriend.  His name is Architecture.

I have a friend who is married to Architecture.  His name is Pi after 3.1416. They have children and the projects which didn’t turn out perfectly as expected, are called bastards.  But Architecture, like my other past loves, is a boyfriend I broke up with when I found another I fancied more.  Other people have a string of relationships while I have a string of interests that last a few years.  When a passion consumes us it doesn’t matter if it’s a person or anything else that keeps us fired up about life.

The Red Brick Art Museum in Chaoyang, Beijing reminded me that lost love is never lost.  It remains silent in the background waiting for an awakening.  The building oozed with Oooh-and-Ahhh-inducing details. The garden revealed views, one surprise inside another like opening a Matryoshka doll but instead of lifting the half part, you walk through the labyrinthine work of art.  You graduate from one M.C. Escher layer to another, exposing gorgeous facets and hope the pictures you take do justice to the architect’s lofty intention.

The Architect in this case is Chinese Dong Yugan but he is not my heart-thief.  He is merely the instrument by which the God of Architecture has chosen to execute his command with the guidance of the muses.  He obeys faithfully and we are given breathtaking art.

Why did I quit you?

It’s complicated.

Earth to Joei.  Hello.

Oh, Joshua and Jimmy caught these really tiny frogs that I hated to see taken out of their paradise setting. Still, I’m only too happy to watch the kids darting in and out, up and down the architectural maze where man-made meets nature in glorious orchestra.

Did I tell you Dong Yugan loves gardens?  Aside from teaching Architecture at the Peking University, he teaches Chinese Garden studies.  Cut to gush.

Here are links about Dong Yugan and the Red Brick Art Museum.


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