My Wedding Album


Instead of using iCloud or the free Baidu cloud, I decided to utilize my wordpress blog and slideshare as storage space for photos and other souvenirs that could be digitized.  The things we can bring on our drive to Yunnan and beyond is very limited.  Most items must be left behind.  There is no U-haul and we can’t hire a van to deliver to an unknown address.  Because our destination may constantly be moving, we have to pack as light as we can. We have to fit everything in the back of our off-road car.   I’m afraid there’s no space for the wedding album, portfolio, majority of books and memorabilia.

So forgive me for sentimentally foisting what I can on this blog and on slideshare.  It’s also a form of insurance so that they’re always available online.  Some years ago, my external hard drive crashed, with many years’ worth of pictures lost forever.  I couldn’t retrieve anything including all the original photos taken during my wedding day.  All I have as proof is this album I’ve been carrying whenever we transferred homes from TEDA to Manila to Dagang.  Uploading photos of this album and others, is a full-proof way of keeping memories safe without having to deal with the weight and mass of the physical objects.  Besides, it’s easily retrievable anywhere in the world.

The happiness felt during the wedding day is exactly how people describe it like it’s the happiest day ever.  There was a time when I didn’t subscribe to this point of view because I went through a phase of cynicism and discontent.  But I grew out of that and my own wedding day was filled purely with joy.  We had two weddings – one in the Philippines and the other in China.
My grandmother insisted on leaving the hospital to attend the wedding.  If it weren’t for her, I would have preferred to have only one ceremony in China where there is much less preparation and details to fuss over.  Both weddings were equally beautiful and memorable.  I have to thank my Mom for making it possible for us to have this gorgeous, fairy tale dream of a garden wedding.











Jason and I sang “Yueliang Daibiao Wode Xin,” a romantic Chinese song which means “The Moon Represents My Heart.”  My sister, the pianist and her husband, the violinist played “Mahiwaga” as our wedding march.  It’s my dad’s favorite song and it means “Miracle.”  I think it’s a miracle that Jason and I found each other and my grandmother’s constant novena prayers may have something to do with that.




This was our wedding souvenir — a CD of love songs.  You can see how much we were already into the outdoors.



The wedding album and invitation is on Slideshare: Joei & Jason’s Wedding Album

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