Video Links At Last!


We have arrived on YouTube and Youku (the Chinese equivalent of YouTube)!   All thanks to Jason Dee and Eve Lee, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.   Jason has been toiling for two weeks editing the video excerpts from the talk I delivered last June 1 at the Tianjin Foreign Studies University in Dagang.  He was introduced to me by one of my students, Eve, a translation major who volunteered to work on the subtitles for the video.

After watching the raw footages of the talk, I thought it wasn’t worth working on them because the sound quality and camera work left much to be desired.  Plus I hated the sound of my voice.  But then Jason’s eagerness and willingness to edit was just too sincere and earnest to put down.  He didn’t feel the two weeks pass by because he loved what he was doing.  Ever dependable, Eve’s commitment to the project was quite touching.  She was also the one who took charge of the auditorium where the talk was held.

The whole lecture was over thirty minutes long followed by twenty minutes of Q & A.  The edited videos capture only five minutes from the entire talk but I told Jason that I preferred producing only a few short videos as well as could possibly be made rather than a lengthy one that would entail way too much time and effort.

Seeing Jason labor over his laptop took me back to a quarter of a century ago when I was editing videos using what looks like ancient dinosaurs compared to today’s compact but powerful gadgets.  My classmates and I spent hours and hours of sleepless nights in the editing room with Mang Tony so I knew the time needed to produce the video I wanted with all the inserts and cut aways.  I didn’t want to take too much of Jason’s time especially since we approached the examination period.

I’d also like to profusely thank my husband — the other Jason in my life, who did the camera work. As Eleven, another one of my students said, we are indeed very fortunate to have found each other because we share the same dreams.  And we are so blessed to share them with you now.

Following are the YouTube video links:

Dream Drive Around the World (Talk Part 1)

Dream Drive Around the World (Talk Part 2)

Dream Drive Around the World (Talk Part 3)

It’s quite strange, almost surreal to see our faces on YouTube since I’ve been so addicted to searching for videos there.  It’s even more surprising how easy and uncomplicated it is to upload videos.

For the Chinese people who don’t have access to YouTube, here are the links courtesy of Jason Dee.





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